A sightseeing tour of Veliko Turnovo (2 hours)

The tour will take you around the historic Tzarevets Hill, the "St.St.Konstantin & Elena" church, "St.Pavel & Peter" church, the "St.40 Martyrs". Then follows a stroll through the 19th C. "Samovodska Charshiya /the old market/, once the centre of the town, displaying the old craftsmen work shops. This is an opportunity to try the sweets, to admire the beautiful works of the goldsmiths, of the woodcarvers, and the unique Bulgarian pottery.

A Tour of Veliko Turnovo and Arbanassie Village (1 day)

After the sightseeing tour of Veliko Turnovo comes the visit to the nearby Village of Arbanassie. It is well known for the unique architecture of its houses built of stone like little fortresses. Do not miss to see the interior design of the Konstantzalieva and Hadjiilieva houses, and the two churches to admire their beautiful murals and frescos. You can have lunch at one of the cozy local taverns.

"Sound and Light Show" (weather permitted)

Just pray for good weather not to miss that fantastic show of magnificent sounds and spectacular lights, all creating the authentic atmosphere of the Old Royal Capital Veliko Turnovo.

Wine-tasting in Lyaskovets (half day)

A good opportunity to taste few of the delicious wines produced in one of the oldest wineries in Bulgaria, founded by the end of 19thC. With appropriate appetizers you'll taste white and red quality wines, natural sparkling wines, wine brandies, etc.

Veliko Turnovo "Transfiguration Monastery" - Dryanovo Monastery (half-day tour)

The "Transfiguration Monastery" only 6 kms north of Veliko Turnovo, originated in the 14th C. It was repeatedly demolished during the Ottoman Rule and rebuilt during the 1st half of 19th C. It is one of the most remarkable monument of the Bulgarian Revival Period architecture, iconography, and woodcarving, work of the masters from the nearby town of Tryavna. Some 25 km southwest from Turnovo is the Dryanovo Monastery built in the 12th C. in relation to the celebration of the victory of Bulgaria over the Byzantium in 1187.

V.Turnovo - Etura Open-air Museum - Sokol Monastery- Bozhentsi village (day tour)

Less than 50 km southwest from Turnovo is the town of Gabrovo, well known for its inhabitants being the most practical and industrious among the Bulgarians, as well as keen on joke making. The unique ethnographic complex of Etura displays the authentic life of a typical Bulgarian craftsmen settlement of the period of National Revival Only 4 km away from Etura is the Sokol Monastery "Virgin Mary", established in 1833 with donations of citizens of Gabrovo. The Monastery turned into an educational centre. During the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation the Monastery was turned into a military hospital. A modest museum collection preserves relics from the struggle for enlightenment and freedom. Bozhentsi Village - some hundred silent houses gleam white on the broken terrain. The past of the village is shrouded in legends. One of them saying of a noble woman, Bozhana, stopped here with her children, giving her name to the settlement that was founded later. Hardworking and persevering, the local inhabitants succeeded in imposing their goods on the markets of the Ottoman Empire. Their prosperity in the 18thC. was mirrored in their houses…

Veliko Turnovo - Shipka - Valley of the Roses ( 1 day tour)

A picturesque route of less than a hundred km along the Shipka pass through the central part of the Balkan Mountains, takes you to the town of Kazanlak, the main town in the Valley of the Roses. A visit to the Museum of the Roses, the only one of its kind worldwide. Then a visit to the replica of Kazanlak Tomb (dated end of the 4th and 1st quarter of the 3rd C. B.C. - Thrace). It is one of the 9 cultural and historic sites in Bulgaria under the protection of UNESCO. On your way back you stopover at the Shipka memorial church.