The Rose Festival

The Bulgarian Rose - the beautiful flower which brought worldwide fame to the country and became her symbol since the 18th century. Don't miss the chance, to travel through the picturesque Valley of Roses.

Kazanlak is the main town in the Valley of Roses, where the famous Rose Festival is held annually. The picturesque Valley of the Roses is tucked between the Balkan Range and Sredna Gora Mountains, where hundreds of thousands of roses are in bloom in May and beginning of June - "a feast for the eye and soul...". As an inseparable piece of the Bulgarian history and culture the famous oil-yielding Bulgarian rose became the country's symbol since the 18th century. There are a lot of people from all over the world coming here, knowing that they will experience something different and unusual, because the beautiful environment makes them forget the trivial daily life and prepares them to experience new sensations. Among the heady aroma of the roses you will have the chance to observe the unique rose boiling ritual and taste the unique rose brandy and rose jam.

Folk Festival in Preslav

An excellent opportunity to learn more about Bulgaria and her people in the authentic atmosphere of one of the oldest houses from the national revival period - the Kartolov's house. You will be welcomed at the door after an old Bulgarian custom with a piece of the homemade bread dipped in salt and pepper. Then while you are trying the cheese pastry-banitsa, with a glass of homemade wine, the kind hostess will show you how she is spinning, and then weaving the colourful threads together into a beautiful carpet or rug. She'll be very kind to let you try to do it, too. Then follows the floor-show of the local folklore group, all dressed in their beautiful hand-made traditional costumes, performing dances connected with customs characteristic of the region, such as names' days celebrations, St.George's and the Shepherds' Day, the Grannies' Day, the Feast Day of St.Triphon - the holiday of vine-growers and wine-makers, Bulgarian Wedding, etc.

A special course of how to play Bulgarian folk instruments and how to dance the local dances Bulgarian dancers are world-wide known as the dancers with the fastest feet - a challenge for the real explorers. The course can be organized in Veliko Turnovo, by a group of professional musicians, singers and dancers.

Traditional Folklore Festival in the Rhodope`s Shiroka Luka

A traditional folklore festival in the Rhodope village of Shiroka luka (near the town of Smolian and Pamporovo ski resort) is held every year. The unique festival is famous all around the world and attended by many foreigners. The traditional `kukeri` dancers (Bulgarian mummers) gather on the event and perfom in the picturesque Rhodope village of Shiroka luka. The visitors also enjoy performances of local folklore singers wearing their traditional colorful Bulgarian costumes.

Picnic in the woods of the Pirin mountains... You are to experience something different, something unusual, weather permitting. You'll be taken by horse-drawn carts from the outskirts of the town of Bansko up the mountain to a clearing in the forest... It's here during that romantic journey we've got surprises in store for you... However when you get there, eventually, you will have a barbecue meal washed down by the delicious white or red wines served there. Then follows the floorshow performed by a local folklore group of young boys and girls dressed in beautiful traditional costumes.