Discover the Mystery of One of the Most Ancient Civilizations Inhabited the Bulgarian Lands

After four years of hard work in the Rhodope Mountains - one of the most beautiful mountain in Bulgaria, scientists discovered unique rock evidence, proving the existence of an ancient civilization. The researched sanctuaries and astronomical observatories carved in the rocks are early monuments of the human civilization, which astonish with their mystic and grandeur.

The rock figures of people and animals, the artificially excavated caves, stone concentric circles, staircases leading nowhere, thrones and waterpools date from the end of VIIth and beginning of VIth millennium B.C.q which is almost 4000 years before the Thracians inhabited these lands.

There is no sign of using iron or other metal instruments for shaping the strange forms. The scientists are positive that those who had carved them had technical skills which remain unknown for us.

The so called "sharpani" are quite interesting. They are round and rectangular "vessels" with a spout carved into the rocks. When seen from above, this type of structure is shaped as a prehistorical idol. If viewed from a distance, you can see that it resembles very well shaped eyes.

However, it remains mystery why this ancient civilization sculptured those rocks at the highest possible places. Beyond any doubt all the astronomical observations were of deeply religious nature. It will take more years for the scientists to reveal the secrets.