After four years of hard work in the Rhodope Mountains - one of the most beautiful mountain in Bulgaria, scientists discovered unique rock evidence, proving the existence of an ancient civilization. The researched sanctuaries and astronomical observatories carved in the rocks are early monuments of the human civilization, which astonish with their mystic and grandeur.
In August 2000, a sensational discovery occurred near the village of Starosel, in central Bulgaria. Archaeologists found the enormous grave of what is believed to be a Thracian ruler, possibly Sitakes I, the first king of a combined Thracian empire. Sitalkes had an annual income of 800 talents and ruled from the Danube to the Aegean. He invaded Macedonia with a supposedly 150,000 strong army. He died in battle in 424 BC. The site, 100 miles east of Sofia, has been dated as from the fourth or fifth century BC.